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About me

Ciao, I'm Gabriele

I am a Computer Science student, full-stack developer and IT enthusiast.

I am currently based in Copenhagen and enrolled in a computer science bachelor at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

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2019 - Present

Currently working as a junior full-stack developer at MANCOFI.
Here, my main focus is to develop b2b products together with a team
of experienced developers and consultants.

I primarily work with Angular on the front-end and .Net on the back-end.
I also get to work with various DevOps technologies, such as: Azure, Docker & Kubernetes.

Finally, since I am very passionate about "how things look" I also get assigned various design tasks, where I get to work with a vast range of UI/UX softwares.

08/2018 - 11/2012
Plant Jammer

In 2018 I had the opportunity to intern as a developer for PlantJammer.
Here, I helped the team to develop some of the features in their app using React-Native and Django.

2019 - Present
Bacheloer degree in web development - KEA.

Lerned to manage the process of designing and building applications for the web on a full-stack level.
The program focuses also on connection between functionality and design, enhancing client-side interactions through the use of design techniques and principles.
Finally I had an entire semester of deep focus on Database understanding, both relational and none.

Worked with: HTML, JS, PHP, Python & Django, NodeJs, Svelte, MySql & MongoDb

2016 - 2019
AP degree in computer science - KEA.

During this period I was introduced to the foundation of information technology, learned to develop, refine and maintain IT systems.
The program contains general subject areas such as business understanding, systems development, programming and design.

Worked with: Java & Spring, C, Python, AWS, Srum